DHS Unveils New Total Recall Envision Version 5.2 – Win More Business, Enhance Your Client Experience, and Improve Cash Flow  

April 26, 2023 - DHS Worldwide Software Solutions recently unveiled its most innovative Total Recall Envision Software Release to date, Version 5.2, at the 2023 i-SIGMA Conference in Las Vegas, NV. Total Recall Envision 5.2 boasts scores of new features, specifically crafted to help records and destruction management organizations win more business, enhance customer satisfaction and retention, boost route profitability, and expedite cash flow.

"This latest release is a testament to the collaborative partnerships we've built with our customers." says Richard Wisser, Vice President of Sales at DHS Worldwide, "Through working closely with numerous industry leaders, TR Envision 5.2 redefines what it means to operate a modern and thriving records management and secure shredding business."

Total Recall's Sales CRM allows sales teams to effortlessly manage leads, generate intuitive quotes, and evaluate performance. Version 5.2 introduces a cutting-edge sales quoting calculator to streamline and automate the quoting process. Innovative pricing features include zone-based pricing by service address, conditional pricing (e.g., ground floor access, stairs), and predetermined volume-based price breaks. Total Recall also provides the creation and deployment of e-marketing campaigns to maximize reach and increase brand awareness. All-new sales metrics deliver real-time, actionable insights to help stay ahead of opportunities and assess the health of sales processes.

The new Customer Onboarding process in Total Recall Envision 5.2 offers a modern, repeatable solution for a long-standing task. With just a click, new customer accounts are created, complete with agreed-upon pricing, contact setup and auto-enrollment for web login, welcome marketing emails are sent to the customer and service orders are ready for dispatch.

With a focus on profitability, Total Recall Envision 5.2 introduces tools to enhance route density. A new route lookup feature enables operators to swiftly identify nearby scheduled stops within a defined radius, facilitating new order route placement and scheduling. New metrics offer a clearer view of route profitability, calculating both revenue and operational costs (e.g., fuel, labor, time).

Total Recall Envision 5.2 also brings innovative billing and invoicing features, including automatic late fees and convenient auto-bill processing charges. In addition to automated credit card processing, operators can now offer their customers ACH payment options. Scheduled AR collection emails can be sent for all outstanding invoices, helping increase cash flow.

For a complete list of new features, DHS users are encouraged to review the latest revision documentation accessible from the Help menu – Documentation in the Total Recall software.

About DHS Worldwide Software Solutions

DHS Worldwide is a leader in information management technology for commercial, corporate, and governmental organizations. Over 1500 RIM operations around the globe have trusted Total Recall software by DHS Worldwide. The Total Recall software suite of products includes Records Management, Secure Destruction, Data Protection and Digital Imaging offerings. For over 29 years, DHS has empowered organizations to succeed by providing innovative solutions and industry expertise.