DHS Worldwide Announces the Release of Total Recall Software Version 8.7 – Focusing on Security, Productivity, and Visibility

Thursday, July 30, 2020 – DHS Worldwide Software Solutions, the global leader in information and destruction management software, is proud to announce the release of Total Recall SQL Version 8.7 / Envision Version 4.7. The new release contains scores of new features designed to help records and destruction management organizations run a stronger, more efficient operation. An entire list of features can be found by visiting the DHS Worldwide resource center.

The major themes of the summer release include security, productivity, and visibility. The Client Web Access portal features several new innovations, including a Two Factor Authentication Login Security feature designed to enhance the protection of you and your customers’ information. New web customization features allow records and shredding providers the ability to tailor the look and feel of the web to match each of their customers unique branding when logging in to make service requests, pay invoices, etc. (e.g., custom images, color schemes, logos, and text).

The new version also provides greater visibility and capabilities to dispatchers and drivers alike. New optimization and business intelligence features have been added which are designed to improve route density – offering higher profits to shredding operators. Featuring a new Dispatch Import Log, dispatchers can easily see detailed processing information for every driver and every order processed, including scan history, activity, and processing. Using the latest in barcode scanning technology, drivers can now add Ad Hoc Bin Services to any scheduled work order while in the field. For customers with multiple orders, a new Apply Signature to All Orders feature has been added to make it more convenient for the customer to sign off on the completed services.

A new enforcement option has been added to the scanner which can require drivers to add a note to the order if any originally requested services were not performed while onsite. In addition, an all new in-route driver email notification provides customers with a picture of your driver, their profile, and the expected time of arrival. Also, the new version features all new customer facing event notifications designed to keep your customers informed of changes in the scheduled service dates.

Available in the Total Recall Envision Core is an all new Advanced AR & Collections Module. Functionality includes invoice filtering options allowing operators to quickly review all outstanding invoices by 30, 60, 90, and 120+ days outstanding. All new email templates can be defined within Total Recall which allow users to quickly send relevant emails to follow up with the customer based on the length of time outstanding. Invoices have also been updated to reflect a PAID stamp when payment has been applied to the full amount.

Customer Service Representatives can also view the last payment date along with the amount paid, current account balance, and a breakdown of outstanding balances by time (e.g., 30. 60, 90, and 120+ Days) all from the customer maintenance screen. In addition, new Work Order and Invoice options have been added to gain quick access to current and previous orders/invoices all from the customer screen.

About DHS Worldwide Software Solutions

DHS Worldwide is a leader in information management technology for commercial, corporate, and governmental organizations. Over 1200 RIM operations around the globe have trusted Total Recall software by DHS Worldwide. The Total Recall software suite of products includes Records Management, Secure Destruction, Data Protection and Digital Imaging offerings. For over 25 years, DHS has empowered organizations to succeed by providing innovative solutions and industry expertise.