DHS Announces The Release of Total Recall Software Version 8.4 - Focusing On Automation

December 11, 2018, Orange Park, FL – DHS Worldwide Software Solutions, the global leader in information and destruction management software, is proud to announce the release of Total Recall Software version 8.4. Featuring over 80 new product enhancements, DHS continues to offer its clients innovative developments designed to improve efficiency in their daily operations.

As a major highlight of the latest release, Total Recall Envision features an all new Automated Work Flow Processing tool. This new feature provides the ability to process a range of service requests generated from outside software systems. Built with flexibility in mind, Total Recall can accommodate a range of input file formats, data processing capabilities and work flow output results all on automated schedules.

“The Automated Work Flow Processing tool really helps to simplify things. By removing the need to create custom interfaces while cutting out manual human involvement, the tool allows us to reduce time, resources and costs while delivering a quality service to our clients.” Peter Sheerin, Systems Integration Manager at OASIS Group.”

With this latest development, Total Recall continues to provide new and innovative ways for record centers to work smarter and broaden their services. RIM professionals can now offer a low cost automated solution to help clients reduce manual daily processes and help to strengthen their own internal records program.

“Workflow automation is the solution to lost time and inefficient processes.” Says Sam Blair, VP of Programming Services at DHS, “It brings collaboration between our users and their customers to an entirely new level.”

Total Recall 8.4 also contains many other new enhancements. Important security updates have been added which include additional validation and logging during the email invoice process. Inventory reporting capabilities have also been added allowing customers and/or the record center staff to subscribe to email notifications when a new image or electronic file has been attached to an item in storage.

The Envision Web application features an all new online approval process for destruction and permanent item removal requests. With this new feature, web users can now formally authorize these services directly online by accepting terms and conditions and digitally applying their electronic signature. In addition, work orders can now be marked as Bill Work Order Separately, allowing service invoices to be easily created on demand.

To learn more about these features and many more, please contact the support team of DHS Worldwide at 904.213.0448 or by sending an email to admin@dhsworldwide.com

About DHS Worldwide Software Solutions

DHS Worldwide is a leader in information management technology for commercial, corporate and governmental organizations. Over 1200 RIM operations around the globe have trusted Total Recall software by DHS Worldwide. The Total Recall software suite of products includes Records Management, Secure Destruction, Data Protection and Digital Imaging offerings. For over 20 years, DHS has empowered organizations to succeed by providing innovative solutions and industry expertise.