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DHS Rounds Off 2020 With Even More Fresh Educational Content Designed To Help You Grow And Protect Your Business

Since the start of the year, over 2,500 industry professionals have joined DHS to participate in a series of live online webinars, virtual training sessions and online self-guided training programs. We have highlighted the two most recent webinars below which both can be accessed from the DHS resource center.

1) Electronic Records Management: Today’s Commercial Offerings and Tomorrow’s Opportunities
2) Diversification Opportunity: Helping your Clients Manage Internal Active Records 

Most of the content covered in the DHS webinar series in 2020 focused on offering more than just traditional box storage.  The electronic records and active records management helps bridge the gap of commercial record centers offering a unified records management solution to their clients. DHS addressed top methods in which commercial record centers around the globe are capitalizing on the trend of digital transformation. Please be sure to keep checking the resource center for fresh content each quarter.

What’s On The Horizon: Preview Of The Next Major Release 8.8/4.8 

The major themes of the upcoming 8.8/4.8 release include enhancements to information governance, records accessibility, quality control and communication / notifications.

DHS customers have much to look forward to in the upcoming release. Information governance features include greater flexibility on creating and updating legal holds/record types. Enhanced records accessibility for both digital and physical records management is also available through several new customer search/view options.

Look out for several new features on the Envision Android application to provide greater quality control on warehouse and driver processes. The new release will also include several new e-notification options to help streamline internal and external communication. Expect the features and many more in the 8.8/4.8 release expected to be released towards to the end of 2020.

Interested In Training For Preparing For 2021?

Check Out DHS’ All New Training Centers For Records and Shredding Organizations.

Contact DHS today or make a training request via our website to schedule a customized training program for your organization. Ensure your new team members are well versed in the functionality of Total Recall in preparation for a new year. New live virtual options reduce overall training expenses and make training programs more affordable.  

Rugged Mobility: What's On The Inside? 

Together with Total Recall Software, rugged mobility products are a critical component to your Records Management, Secure Shredding, and Warehouse Inventory Tracking solutions. At DHS Worldwide, we design solutions using enterprise-grade mobility that are more rugged and better suited for real-world enterprise use than their consumer-grade counter parts. And, when you look at the total overall costs, rugged mobility comes out on top every time.

For the purposes of this article, we’d like to take a deeper dive on what makes rugged mobility a better fit for the enterprise. Beyond the eponymous “rugged” design these devices bring to the table, there’s a lot more going on inside that deserves our attention. To be specific, we’d like to take a look at five key ways that Zebra’s Android devices are designed to help maximize enterprise mobility. To Read The Full Article - Click Here