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New Release Highlight—Faster and Smarter
Total Recall Envision Web 

Phase 2 of 8.9/4.9 is now available! This release contains the smartest and fastest Envision web to date with up to 60X faster “all search”, 30X faster “field search” and 50X faster home page load times.

The Envision Web release also contains all new Information Governance alerts such as records alerts such as records past review date and records that have not been returned to storage.  

We are here to help your business stay profitable—accelerate your cash flow with Total Recall Software. 

Don’t let inefficient collections processes seriously affect your business profitability. Consider the Total Recall AR Module for your Secure Shredding or Records Management Business.

The new AR module supports managing payments directly inside of Total Recall and sending past due notices which include the customer’s statement. New email invoice templates support specific wording based on the number of days past due.                                                                   *2016 Atradius Payment Practices  

Don’t miss your chance to provide feedback for the DHS 2022 Roadmap—join us for the 2021 Mid-Year Company Update 

Join us for the 45-minute webinar, where we will providing actional business tips for RIM companies. Webinar will include live polls and interaction on the 2022 DHS development roadmap. The company update will include highlights from the 4.9/8.9 release and a look ahead to the major development themes slated for the end of 2021. To sign up, simply click on the webinar link below:

2021 Mid Year Company Update Webinar Registration  -Link Expired-

Looking at the Total Cost of Mobile Devices 

Companies are increasingly turning to mobile technology to help drive the next level of productivity, efficiency, and service in their organizations. Yet, as these same companies rush to embrace mobility for critical line-of-business applications, they increasingly run the risk of sabotaging their own efforts. By selecting the wrong mobile technology — based on incomplete or incorrect information — they fail to realize the true benefits of mobility.

Mobile scanning devices are critical for tasks such as Records Management, Document Shredding, Warehouse Inventory Tracking, and more. And while your choices of mobile solutions are wide, few options can meet your needs for business-critical hardware, software, accessories, and service plans. Too often, consumer-grade mobile devices introduce unforeseen complexities and hidden costs that, when added up, result in a significantly higher Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).  To Read The Full Article - Click Here