Companies are increasingly turning to mobile technology to help drive the next level of productivity, efficiency, and service in their organizations. Yet, as these same companies rush to embrace mobility for critical line-of-business applications, they increasingly run the risk of sabotaging their own efforts. By selecting the wrong mobile technology — based on incomplete or incorrect information — they fail to realize the true benefits of mobility.

Mobile scanning devices are critical for tasks such as Records Management, Document Shredding, Warehouse Inventory Tracking, and more. And while your choices of mobile solutions are wide, few options can meet your needs for business-critical hardware, software, accessories, and service plans. Too often, consumer-grade mobile devices introduce unforeseen complexities and hidden costs that, when added up, result in a significantly higher Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). 

When you add up all the cost associated over the life of each device, a consumer-grade smartphone might actually cost you 51% more than an enterprise-grade device.* Additional costs are associated with the following:

• Rapid device and technology obsolescence (most consumer-grade devices obsolete within 18 months)

• The need to purchase additional peripherals software, or services (don’t get stuck with a one-size-fits-all solution)

• The high expense of replacements instead of repairs (many mobile technology providers make repair a complicated, lengthy process)

• Device downtime impacting productivity and customer service (who needs that?)

Additionally, consumer-grade devices are more fragile than rugged scanners. While most smartphones can handle movement and the occasional drop, they can’t typically handle high drops, harsh weather, or repeated rough use. In one year alone, consumer-grade devices are four times more likely to fail in industrial or field applications. **

Even when augmented with protective casings, consumer-grade devices struggle to survive drops, function unreliably in dirty or wet conditions, and cannot withstand excessive vibration, shock, or extreme temperatures. Due to these limitations, up to 23% of consumer-grade devices will fail in industrial or field environments. **


When you partner with DHS Worldwide for your mobility solutions, we will create a solution tailored to your real-world needs with mobile technology that is purpose-built for use in demanding line-of-business applications. You’ll realize a lower TCO for each solution, which, in turn, builds up your ROI, thanks to the following:

• Unstoppable durability

• Exceptional audio quality in loud environments

• Seamless roaming and lightning-fast connectivity for full speed workflows

• Best-in-class bar code scanning capabilities

• Full shift battery power

• Rock-solid security

• Simplified device management

Bottom line: look before you leap. In addition to the issues detailed in this posting, consumer-grade devices miss the mark in areas such as power, security, compliance, and accessibility. When you look at the big picture and truly compare apples to apples, enterprise-grade mobile solutions cost less, do more, and are more reliable. Contact DHS Worldwide today to learn how to lower your costs, while increasing productivity.

*VDC Enterprise Mobility Mobile Device TCO  |    **VDC Mobility in Manufacturing and Logistics