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If it Moves You Can Track it With Total Recall

Smart and Easy To Use

For over two decades, DHS has empowered customers to succeed with smart, easy to use and innovative solutions. 

Trusted Globally

More than 1200 operations around the globe have trusted Total Recall software to run their business.

Comprehensive Solution

The only solution available which covers all warehousing functions (i.e., single item, like items, and distribution).

Innovation Commitment

Hundreds of new features added each year focusing on saving time, reducing cost and increasing profits. 

Proven Experience

Your organization has the support of an expert team with over 200 years of combined experience.

Customer Asset and Product Management 

Effectively manage customer assets, fulfillment and distribution inventory. Supports ability to create a product catalogue and includes on-hand and re-order points reporting. Supports request based on location, expire date or FIFO (first in, first out).

Barcode Scanning Solutions 

Barcodes can be generated for specific products, pallets or for locations. Product catalogues are loaded to device for inventory processing. Maintain proven chain of custody with date / time stamped transaction logs.

Online Client Request Portal 

Clients can search and request inventory by product code or description. Product images also display along with real-time inventory stock levels. Client request automatically create an outbound shipments request order.

Total Recall Software Features

Everything You Need to Manage Your Warehouse Operation


One Turn Key Solution for CRM.
Track New Leads.
Set Call Back Dates. 


Complete Customer Visibility.  
Contract Management.
CRM Tools and Reports. 

Client Web

24/7 Service Requests.
On‚ÄźDemand Inventory Reports. 
Unlimited Web Users.


Robust Barcoding.
Location and Service Tracking.
Complete Chain of Custody. 

Route Planning &

Optimization and Planning.
Scanning and Driver Tracking. 
Real Time Updates. 

Billing and

Automated Billing Processes.
Invoice for Services and Storage.
Secure Credit Card Processing.

Driver Scanning
Chain of Custody

Track Movement of All Assets.
Capture Electronic Signature.
Real Time Driver Tracking. 

Reporting and

Hundreds of Standard Reports.
Customer, Management, Daily Operations,
Accounting and More.

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