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Smart and Easy To Use

For over two decades, DHS has empowered customers to succeed with smart, easy to use and innovative RIM solutions. 

Trusted Globally

More than 1200 operations around the globe have trusted Total Recall software to run their business.

Comprehensive Solution

The only solution available which covers all RIM business lines (i.e. vault, shred, imaging, and records).

Innovation Commitment

Hundreds of new features added each year focusing on saving time, reducing costs and increasing profits. 

Proven Experience

Your organization has the support of an expert team with over 200 years of combined experience in records management

The New Standard in Client Web Software

The Envision Client Web software represents the next generation of RIM technology. Provides users the ability to perform powerful searches with the use of a simple “google” search bar from any device or browser. Clients can manage hard copy, data protection, destruction bins services and digital records request.

 Make the most of Zebra
Enterprise devices

Manage full chain of custody with barcode scanning utilizing Zebra Windows or Android OS supported devices. Send and receive pick/driver scan jobs wirelessly using WIFI or cell data plan. Total Recall mobile scanning application support records, destruction and data protection (vault) services.

Supporting the
Move to Digital

In addition to physical records management, Total Recall supports managing images such a PDFs, Tiffs and electronic records (i.e. excel, word). Clients can view images online and request physical records to be digitized. Integrated billing options include per page, time based and recurring models (i.e. digital storage).


Total Recall Software Features

Everything You Need to Manage Your Record Center


One Turn Key Solution for CRM.
Track New Leads.
Set Call Back Dates. 


Complete Customer Visibility.
CRM Tools and Reports.
Contract Management.

Client Web

24/7 Service Requests.
On‐Demand Inventory Reports.
Pay Invoices. 


Robust Barcoding.
Location and Service Tracking. Complete Chain of Custody. 

Record Center

Pick List Generation.
Real Time Wireless Scanning.
Inventory Auditing.


Manage images such as PDFs. 
Electronic records (i.e., excel, word). View images online.

Route Planning &

Optimization and Planning.
Scanning and Driver Tracking.
Real Time Updates.

(Recurring Orders)

 Automated Recurring Services and Billing.
Color Coded Scheduling Calendars.
Integrated Map Views.

Driver Scanning
Chain of Custody

Track Movement of All Records.
Capture Electronic Signature.
Real Time Driver Tracking. 

Reporting and

Over 450 Standard Reports.
Customer, Management, Daily Operations, Accounting and More.

Work Flows

Custom Workflow Design.
Quality Control & User Security.
Instant Email Notfications.

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