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DHS Worldwide’s Online Training Program offers the most comprehensive and cost effective training in the Records and Information Management industry. Learn directly from Industry Experts that have helped train and organize hundreds of records centers around the globe. Our training program covers the entire records management spectrum from warehouse operations to customer service, administration and accounting. Total Recall training courses are designed to help you save money, increase efficiencies and help grow your business.


Cost Effective - Our training program removes the need of any travel expenses, time away from the office, instructor fees and much more; ultimately saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars from the traditional training method.

Easy Course Access - Attend training right from your computer means that you can access your training course quickly and easily and participate freely.

Live, Industry Expert Instruction - Our instructors have been working in the industry for more than 15 years and many have backgrounds working in actual record centers throughout the country. See and hear your instructor presenting the course materials and answering your questions in real time. 

Valuable Course Material - Our live-virtual training uses the same valuable course materials as our classroom training. Students will have direct access to the course materials before, during  and after the training.

Hands-On Exercises - An essential component to any learning experience is applying what you have learned. Using the latest technology, your instructor can provide students with hands-on exercises that will help students retain the new knowledge gained. 

Convenient Schedule - Course instruction is divided into modules no longer than One and a half  hours per day. This schedule makes it easy for you to get the training you need without taking days out of the office and setting aside projects.

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