Total Recall

Data Protection Management 


The industry's most advanced Data Protection Management Solution complete with a robust Tape Management System (TMS) integration, comprehensive scheduling capabilities, wireless VOLSER scanning, automated billing features and more. 



Today, hundreds of data protection professionals all over the world run Total Recall – from small/midsize businesses to multinational global organizations. Our solutions, which cover the entire information management spectrum using cutting edge technologies, are designed to help companies run better. Total Recall makes your business processes more efficient and enables you to meet your customer’s highest expectations with minimal cost. Why pay more and get less? Gain a true competitive advantage by upgrading to Total Recall.


Comprehensive Media Management 

Total Recall accurately tracks media from addition to final disposition through robust barcoding functionality. View live status of media location, status of each item and perpetual history for all activities performed. Supports ability to scan and uniquely track client VOLSER barcodes.  Generates and prints barcode labels for locations and all types of media. Manages rotation and disaster recovery schedules, retention schedules and audit/legal holds. Fully integrates with client’s Tape Management System (TMS) files for inventory picks, receipts and reconciliation.


Customer Management 

With advanced customer relationship management toolsets, managing your customers is made easy. Total Recall gives you the ability to manage multiple account levels, customer sites, authorized agents and much more. A fully integrated Call Log tracks all correspondence with customers by date. Get instant access to vital customer statistics and client schedules. Provide a more responsive operation with email notification to your customers of upcoming, changed and completed orders.


Smartphone App and Wireless Barcode Scanning

Advanced media verification for inbound, outbound and media reconciliation. Advanced Driver scanning, using enterprise class Smartphone Technology (Works with any cellular network). Provide a proven electronic chain of custody and wirelessly capture signatures of all services provided. Receipts can be printed or viewed through the secure online client web access.


Advanced Client Web Access

Save time and increase accuracy by allowing customers to add, request and verify media through easy to use and secure online access. Clients can copy and paste media lists, import TMS files and scan media to initiate requests. Customers have around-the-clock access to view the status of requests, reports, receipts and invoices.  Customers can also pay invoices through Total Recall’s Credit Card interface to save you time and money. Clients can even subscribe to receive e-notifications online. 


Robust Scheduling and Precise Calender Functionality 

Automate client media rotations through flexible scheduled order management. Efficiently manage and view all scheduled jobs through Total Recall’s intuitive calendar functionality. Quickly filter by route or service dates to provide instant access to view and change dates for all jobs to be performed.  Route capacities are precisely displayed by pre-defined colors to manage workloads assigned to all designated routes.  


Comprehensive Reporting

Total Recall features a wide variety of over 450 standard reports for business management, customer management, quality control, operations, work orders and accounting. With E-Notifications, internal staff and customers are notified via email of important events such as order completion and scheduled date changes.


Flexible Billing and Invoicing 

Total Recall automatically bills all services and generates invoices. Bill customers using a wide array of options such as minimum billing, creative price breaks and special packages.  Invoices can be emailed and exported to standard accounting packages with a click of a button.  Customers can pay invoices online via credit card and opt for automatic credit card billing.


Client Side Media Management 

Total Recall™ On-Site component allows your customers to manage both their in-house and offsite media through an easy to use/secure online web portal. Providing an integrated solution to a client improves customer retention and enables the client to manage offsite and onsite media with one application.




For nearly 20 years, DHS has provided the most innovative and cost effective software solutions in the information management industry. DHS continues to extend its edge over the competition by providing the only true enterprise solution for the RIM industry that comprehensively manages hard copy records, media, destruction, routing/dispatch and imaging operations. The Total Recall software is scalable from one operating entity to supporting scores of operations across multiple time zones and countries in a single centralized MS-SQL database.

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