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Asset Tracking Management 


Designed to manage corporate and government records and information;complete with robust retention scheduling, legal hold management, electronic chain of custody and perpetual audit trail, charge‐back functionality, scanning and more

The MS SQL Asset Tracking-Management Program is easy-to-use, intuitive, standard Windows™ interface that streamlines the asset management process. The program utilizes the MS SQL database engine, and includes a Web Module interface that allows users to view a list of assets and request a transfer of assets using a standard Web browser.

The software is fully integrated with portable handheld bar code scanners, and includes comprehensive search capabilities that enable the user to quickly locate any asset. Total Recall™ Asset Tracking software will work with an unlimited number of records and is engineered for multiple concurrent users.

The program prints asset custody forms on demand. The program allows individuals to checkout items that they plan to temporarily remove from the premises of the organization. A checkout form automatically prints out for the individual to sign. The program allows the user to setup and maintain lookup validation tables for the following functions:

  • Assets Classes
  • Asset Types
  • Asset Uses
  • Location Sites
  • Location Centers
  • Location Building
  • Location Rooms
  • Security
  • User Groups
  • Owners
  • Sources
  • Vendors
  • Departments
  • Disposition Status
  • Disposition Reasons


The program allows the user to configure a unique location format to match the operations of the organization.The program tracks depreciation on individual assets.The program has extensive functionality to manage surplus assets and other special categories of assets.

Information tracked by the system for each asset includes: asset #, description, general status, site, center, building, room, use, class, type, owner, vendor, department, condition, serial #, purchase order #, purchase order item #, manufacturer, title/certificate, year/model, inventory date, received/created date, created by, update date, updated by, total cost, check #, purchase date, new/used, budget #, general ledger #, survey #, status, reason for status, depreciation schedule, depreciation amount, source, warranty information, and 8 additional reference fields which may be uniquely configured by the user. The user may change the captions displayed for any field in the program. Up to 10 sources of funds may be tracked for each individual asset.



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