Asset Management Software

Accurately Track Your Organization's Assets

Smart and Easy To Use

For over two decades, DHS has empowered customers to succeed with smart, easy to use and innovative solutions. 

Trusted Globally

More than 1200 operations around the globe have trusted Total Recall software to run their business.

Comprehensive Solution

The only solution available which covers all asset tracking functions (i.e. listing, depreciation 
and barcoding).

Innovation Commitment

Hundreds of new features added each year focusing on saving time, reducing costs and increasing profits. 

Proven Experience

Your organization has the support of an expert team with over 200 years of combined experience.

Better Understand Your Organization's Assets

Comprehensive search capabilities enable users to quickly locate any assets. Track critical information such as asset class, type, uses, owner, vendor, condition, serial #, purchase order and more.

 Barcode Scanning Solutions 

Performing inventories just got much easier with Total Recall barcode scanning features. Load assets to the scanner by location or building. Post asset inventory reports
include missing and new assets.

 Manage Asset Depreciation

Manage the asset’s depreciation schedule and depreciation amount. Up to 10 sources of funds may be tracked for each individual asset. Integrations available to outside ERP systems. 

Total Recall Software Features

Everything You Need to Manage Your Organization's Assets


View and manage Organization's Assets.
Manage Asset's Sub-Components.    

Asset Inventory

Track status, location, use, class and more.
Supports pre-defined look-up values.


Track Depreciation Schedule and Amount.
Track up to 10 Fund Sources. 

Reporting and Asset
Check-Out Forms

Reports Include Assets by Location, Class and More.
Query Options Available with Export Features (i.e. CSV).


Integrations Available With Outside
ERP and Accounting Packages. 


Load Assets to the Scanner Location or Building.
Asset Inventory Reports Include Missing and New Assets.

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